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Why FAST Forensics?

F.A.S.T Forensics was established because a local law enforcement agency needed a couple forensics machines but couldn't afford to buy from the retailers of such machines around the web.  The (now) owner of F.A.S.T Forensics provided a list of components for the agency to order and together they built two machines for half the cost of what the agency would have paid.  Those machines are still running strong several years later and references from that project and many there after have led to many happy new customers all around the country.  We pride ourselves on this level of customer satisfaction and want you to look at your equipment after an intense task and say "wow" every time.

This mentality of providing agencies a huge bang for their buck across all solutions from workstations to storage solutions is still at our core.  We are not naïve.  We know there are thousands of people out there that can build a computer, but the reality is that high end Forensics computers are a complex build that have several dependencies.  Which components can be installed without conflicts or performance degradation?  Which components are actually high quality and which are not?  What is the difference between all these SSDs?!?  What makes a good RAID card vs one that is sub par and not only provides poor storage performance but even issues?  When should you use RAID and when should you not?  Is it worth springing $6500 for a CPU or an $1800 GPU?  How much power do you really need from your power supply and are some better than others (yes...very much yes)?  Is it worth spending $30,000 on an enterprise NAS vs throwing together a QNAP/Synology consumer-grade NAS yourself?

We know computing, we know networking, we know hardware and most importantly we know how to put it all together to perform at its best for your applications.  Let F.A.S.T Forensics not only do the work for you but also give you a warranty AND at a fantastic price.  This is truly what we're all about.

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