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Our Mission

"To bring you cost effective quality and unrivaled performance"

F.A.S.T. solutions are built to be just that:  FAST!  They are designed based on the needs of current forensic applications such as Cellebrite, Magnet, Encase, NUIX, FTK, and password cracking tools.  These high performance workstations, servers and storage solutions are built specifically to give the customer the most performance for their money, that will provide the most benefit to the applications in use, without spending money on hardware that won’t provide benefit.

All hardware is carefully chosen to provide the best in performance and data protection, right down to the fans (we like quiet systems)!  Nothing is low end inside these machines.  Top end market-leading SSDs, enterprise RAID cards and high end motherboards are just a few examples.  You can rest assured that your hardware will be on the bleeding edge of technology to ensure not only the best performance available but also a strong long term investment.  All components are built to scale together to minimize performance bottlenecks (especially important) and vigorously tested before being handed off to you.


The cost of all machines is simply comprised of hardware costs and labor for that build.  We do not put heavy mark ups on hardware, and labor is the same for all workstation builds, customized or not.  Minimal overhead, no hardware mark-ups and aggressive labor cost equals savings that are passed on to you resulting in high end builds that cost far less than other builders’ systems without sacrificing quality.  Ask the competition to quote our specs and see for yourself.

References are always available upon request.


We look forward to speaking with you!

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