FAST Machines - Forensic Workstations

All builds are fully customizable to meet your price-to-performance needs.  See our Design Methodology for details.  Call any time for a quick custom quote.

All new designs (2021)  There's a new king in processing, and AMD has retaken the crown with their new Threadripper and Ryzen offerings.  Not only are they now outperforming Intel, it has caused Intel to cut the price of their newest CPUs by as much as 50%.  Both AMD and Intel top end HEDT platforms now support up to 256GB of RAM and their consumer systems support 128GB.  AMD has further distanced itself from Intel by supporting PCIe 4.0 NVMe SSDs providing a staggering 750,000 IOPS and 5GB/s throughput vs 3.0's 500,000 IOPS and 3.5GB/s throughput that Intel supports.  The new series of FAST Machines represent what digital forensic analysts from law enforcement agencies around the country have been asking for for years:  Max Performance!  As always, we've taken your feedback and your needs to design the ultimate workstations to help you get your work done FAST!

Don't bite on the dual Xeon hype!  Just one of the AMD Threadripper, or even i9 CPUs crushes any equivalent priced dual Xeon system.  It takes 2 x $3600 Xeons to equal the processing power of just one $1000 Intel i9 CPU, and still cannot touch the processing power of a $1400 AMD CPU.


Key Features

  • Up to 64-core/128-thread single CPU (you read that right...64 cores)

  • Up to 256GB DDR4 RAM

  • Dedicated Enterprise SAS3 RAID Cards

  • The fastest NVMe SSDs on the market

  • Full featured internal write blocker included ($1350 value by itself), with NVMe/m.2/PCIe cable kit

  • Full customization available to meet your price to performance needs

Password Cracking

Tools like Passware and Hashcat utilize GPU processing, not your CPU.  FAST Forensics has custom designed multiple password cracking solutions for various customers' labs.  Top end GPUs like the RTX 2080 ti can be added to your FAST machine, or multiple GPUs can be combined in a single dedicated password cracking system for the ultimate password cracking machine.  We can also design a password cracking cluster for your lab utilizing multiple dedicated password cracking machines or even a  hybrid solution of dedicated and standard processing machines.  Please contact us for further details.