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FAST Machines - Forensic Workstations

All builds are fully customizable to meet your price-to-performance needs.  See our Design Methodology for details.  Call any time for a quick custom quote.

All new designs (October 2022)  The silicon throne has once again been claimed by AMD with their new Threadripper Pro 5000 series.  This newest architecture blends high-scale server features with high performance workstation features.


What's New

  • A 32-core CPU that's benchmarking inline with the previous generation 64-core at the same price

  • A 64-core CPU that has once again taken top spot on the charts by a mile

  • ECC memory that caps out at 2TB compared to the previous gen 256GB

  • More built in expandability from Thunderbolt to 10Gbps networking and more

  • IPMI capability - out of band web-based KVM/management of your workstation

The new series of FAST Machines represent what digital forensics analysts around the country have been asking for for years:  Max Performance!  As always, we've taken your feedback and your needs to design the ultimate workstations to help you get your work done FAST!

Don't bite on the dual Xeon hype!  Just one of the AMD Threadripper CPU crushes any equivalent priced dual Xeon system.  

Key Features

  • Up to 64-core/128-thread single CPU (you read that right...64 cores)

  • Up to 2TB RAM

  • Dedicated Enterprise SAS3 or NVMe RAID Cards

  • The fastest NVMe SSDs on the market

  • All Flash/SSD RAIDs

  • Full featured internal write blocker included ($1350 value by itself), with NVMe/m.2/PCIe cable kit

  • Full customization available to meet your price to performance needs

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