We understand that storage is one of the biggest challenges facing many labs today.  The storage landscape is very broad with a plethora of options.
F.A.S.T Forensics has partnered with IX Systems and QNAP to offer a full line of NAS options from small business desktop NAS devices to enterprise grade rackmount NAS solutions that scale beyond 10 Petabytes!
IX Systems TrueNAS

Q4 2020 promo!  


Take advantage of IX Systems TrueNAS 1.5PB (1PB usable) storage deal!  This is true Enterprise class, redundant controller, high performance storage.  See the flyer HERE.


1PB Special:  IX TrueNAS M40-HA NAS

  • $99,900

  • 1yr, 3yr, and 5yr support options available

  • Dual, redundant storage controllers = 99.999% uptime

  • Just over 1PB usable storage

  • Highly expandable

  • ZFS file system provides ultimate in data integrity

  • 10/40Gbps Network Connectivity

  • Enterprise class OS and firmware provides ultimate stability

  • Same admin interface as IX's FreeNAS you may be familiar with already

  • World-class, US based support from IX systems!

  • Free IX deployment assistance included

Smaller all flash options available that are great SAN storage for your IT department's virtual server environments​.

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FAST Forensics is your trusted reseller for IX Systems Enterprise-class TrueNAS Systems.  For those that require highly redundant, high performance, bulk storage that can expand up to over 10PB, and US-based world class support.

Benefits of IX TrueNAS vs a Server:

  • Very little maintenance.  No Windows updates to worry about.

  • No IT expertise required.  A simple admin interface is easy to navigate and show you what you need to see with beautiful dashboards.

  • NAS models that can scale from under 100TB to 20PB!

  • Secure and proven file system - ZFS.

  • Long-time, well proven OS with heavily tested firmware releases provides confidence you cannot get with lower cost consumer NASs.

  • World-renowned US-based IX support team.

  • Four rack-mount models for every use case, available in single and dual-controller configurations.

  • All flash (SSD) and hybrid systems available for the ultimate in read/write performance.

See TrueNAS details at IX System's website:

Contact FAST Forensics today to discuss a design to fit the needs of your agency or office.  References available upon request.

What does 2PB of storage look like?  This is one of two 2PB systems recently deployed to a Sheriff's office in Florida.

We have deployed IX Systems for the following use cases:

  • Bulk storage for Forensics teams

  • Car camera storage

  • All-flash SAN storage for VMWare/Hyper-V (IT guys are taking advantage as well)


QNAP offers an impressive line of NAS options with a large feature set that can fit anyone's storage needs.  These NAS units go far beyond just bulk storage.

Benefits of a NAS vs a Server:

  • Very little maintenance.  No Windows updates to worry about.

  • No IT expertise required.  Simple mobile-phone-like admin interface is easy to navigate and show you what you need to see.

  • The QNAP NAS still brings many server-like features like LDAP integration, FTP server, syslog server, VPN server, TFTP server, SNMP monitoring and more.  All features are included.

  • NAS models range from basic dual-core CPUs to dual Xeon systems with 1TB of RAM and SSD caching for use with full enterprise features like virtualization.

  • Secure file systems with built in AV protects from vulnerabilities.

  • A QNAP NAS can compliment your servers by being a backup repository or iSCSI storage.

Just a few of the many QNAP NAS features include:

  • 1Gbps, 10Gbps and 40Gbps networking

  • Performance over 350,000 IOPS and 3,800 MB/s of data throughput

  • SSD Caching

  • 2 - 16 bay desktop units

  • 4 - 24 bay rackmount units

  • Built in anti-virus

  • Support for 12TB HDDs

  • Share files with Microsoft, Apple and Linux clients

  • Dual Xeon systems with full server feature sets

  • Desktop and rackmount expansion to over 1 Petabyte usable

  • Multiple backup and replication capabilities

  • Dual controller options with multi-path for ultimate reliability

  • ZFS options with deduplication, compression and encryption

  • FTP/SFTP Server - Share specific files, like reports, with specific users over your network

The QNAP app market offers many free apps like:

  • Surveillance Station - Connect and monitor over 2700 IP camera models locally and remotely

  • Virtualization Station - Built in hypervisor can run multiple virtual machines on your NAS

There are literally too many QNAP models to list here.  We invite you to browse or contact us to chat about narrowing down the huge list of models and features that can provide you the most benefit.